Jerry's Classic Cars & Collectibles Museum was built out of the love for cars and growing up in the 60's, playing rock-n-roll and drag racing. Working in a gas station in the 60's was the thing to do for any young man that had an interest in cars and making a few dollars.

This was the inspiration behind the design and love that went into the Museum. The mural on the first floor of a 1950's Atlantic Gas Station is how I remember the one I worked in. The 1950's Band Stand and Drive-In Theatre on the second floor will remind anyone of the good old days of rock-n-roll and outside movies. Along with a variety of classic cars, the snack bar and soda fountain will also take you back in time.

For the ladies, there's the millinery, library, kitchen and appliance store. At Jerry's Classic Cars & Collectibles Museum, located at 394 South Centre Street in Pottsville, PA, there is something for everyone of all ages.

Thanks for visiting.

Jerry Enders